Clear-Data has been the perfect host for my personal site. Affordable and reliable service that is flexible enough to meet the personal needs of an up and coming software engineer.– B. Brice

Customer Center

Welcome to your center. This is a place to help you find all the logins you need for your services with Clear-Data. We have brought all the information you requested to one common spot in an effort to make things easier. On the right side of the page we have categorized a group of helpful links.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. We took this thought to mind and created two login forms for you. The first is a simple form to allow easy webmail login access. The second is a form that will allow you to login to CPanel. These forms will figure out which one of our servers your website is on and adjust accordingly to log you in to the right place. In addition there is a link at the very top of the page that will allow you to login to Billing for account modification and payments.

We have exactly what you need if you're looking for help or technical support. The FAQ link will bring you to a database filled with answers to the most common questions we receive. Beneath that is our community forum that can be used to find and provide answers for more specific problems as well as discuss new features and view technical updates. In addition to our forums you can use our Live Chat feature to put yourself in direct contact with Clear-Data staff members that are always willing to help. Last but not least there is a link that will allow assist you in other ways to contact us.

If support isn't what you're looking for then maybe you're interested in becoming an advanced Clear-Data member. Are you satisfied with your service and want to refer a friend to earn a potential bonus credit towards your account? Would you like to tell others about your experiences with our testimonial page? If you are not satisfied with your services then perhaps you would like to fill out our suggestion form and let us know what we can change.

We hope that you feel right at home with us and enjoy your stay.